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Comprehensive Dentistry in Idaho Falls, ID

Comprehensive Dentistry is the coordinated delivery of the total dental care required or requested by the patient. Just as you would not build a house without having a blueprint, we will not build your smile without a comprehensive plan.

First we listen. What do you want? What are your concerns? What is your destination? You, the patient, need to be included in the discussion to determine goals, finances, and other life limitations and possibilities. 

Each patient is unique and their mouth is connected to and influenced by the rest of their body. General health, medications, nutrition and stress are all part of a comprehensive plan. Our objective is to create for you an awareness of existing problems and then help you understand the array of treatment options. We will explain the benefits and problems with each option and then let you decide what you want.

Beginning with the end in mind can assure that you get the best dentistry possible for your investment. And if specialists need to be involved we have a network of skilled professionals ready to work as a team in solving your dental problems and fulfilling your needs.

treatment of single tooth versus comprehensive treatment from Simpson Family Dentistry