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In our book (and most other books, too) your smile is the hands-down most important part of your appearance to invest in. A bright, well-aligned smile is powerful. It exudes confidence. And most importantly, an uninhibited, beautiful smile shows people who you really are.   

At Simpson Family Dentistry, you can trust our extensive experience in all areas of dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You smile is the first thing people notice about you! We are here to help you make your beautiful smile a reality – an affordable reality. Whether you just need to brighten your smile or make some major changes we can help. Dr. Simpson has been designing beautiful smiles for 30 years and he loves the way his patients enjoy doing something to improve their smile.

Dental Sealants

Teeth need protection from cavities! Fluoride helps with the sides of teeth, but the tops of the teeth need extra protection. A Sealant is a safe plastic coating which keeps germs out of the back teeth by covering up their tiny hiding places.  Sealants work and are easy to apply.  There are no drills or needles involved. Protect your teeth from cavities and high dental bills.

Implant Dentistry

One of the greatest innovations is dentistry over the past 30 years is the dental implant. A dental implant is a replacement for the root or roots of a tooth. Like tooth roots, dental implants are secured in the jawbone and are not visible once surgically placed. Dental implants have the highest success rate of any implanted surgical device.

Pediatric Dentistry

Here at Simpson Family Dentistry, we think going to the dentist should be fun! We do everything we can to make sure that your children feel safe and comfortable while we work to make sure their teeth are healthy, using some of the latest technologies and techniques. Call today to schedule an appointment for your child!

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseases are infections that affect the tissues and bone that support teeth.  Left untreated, periodontal diseases may eventually lead to tooth loss. Simpson Family Dentistry provides the most gentle and advancedtreatment options for periodontal disease. Call us today and we’ll be delighted to answer all of your questions, 208-529-0999.

Periodontal Maintenance

Initial treatment for periodontal disease usually involves scaling and root planing (also called a deep cleaning) and sometimes periodontal surgery.  Once the disease is brought under control, it is critical that periodontal maintenance procedures be performed on a regular basis by your dentist or hygienist. Ask your dentist about your options.

Root Canal Treatment

When the nerve of a tooth is infected or begins to decay, a root canal will help restore the rooth to its full function and save a tooth that would otherwise have to be pulled. Root canal treatment is more successful that simply pulling the tooth (which can cause significant problems for the adjacent teeth).  

Patient Education

Download our Strong & Healthy Teeth Infographic below.

We also include the following:

We also include the following

  • Non-surgical Treatment for Gum Disease
  • Periodontal Maintenance Program
  • Cosmetic Dentistry for a beautiful smile - veneers, lumineers, white fillings, all porcelain crowns & bridges
  • Tooth Whitening- take home and in-office for a WOW SMILE
  • Implant restorations to replace missing teeth
  • Digital X-rays - safer with less radiation
  • Root Canal Treatment - the latest techniques
  • Emergency Care and Follow-up - We'll take care of emergency needs, get you out of pain and follow-up to be sure that the problem is permanently resolved. 

Health & Safety

Our patient’s health and safety is of primary importance to us as we strive to provide the finest dentistry in a safe environment. We meet or exceed the standards for sterilization and have instituted a number of procedures to safeguard your health. All instruments including the dental drill are thoroughly sterilized between each patient. Our sterilizer is tested frequently to insure your safety.