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Simpson Family Dentistry is dedicated to your health and happiness. How does a healthy, happy, worry free and pain free smile sound to you? Regular visits to the dentist and hygienist for cleaning and check up and that’s all for year after year. You like your smile and so do the people around you. Your teeth are comfortable, bright and beautiful. Your gums are pink and healthy and tight around your teeth.

Our objective is to help you arrive at the same point that many of our patients have over the past 35 years. We can get you there. Whether it takes cosmetic dentistry, a root canal, crowns, implants or nothing more than a pleasant and comfortable cleaning or whitening, Dr. Simpson, our hygienists, assistants and front office personnel are will trained, experienced and dedicated to help you achieve a priceless healthy smile.

Sedation dentistry will allow you to take care of even the most difficult dental treatment, like extractions or root canals in a peaceful, restful state and you won’t even remember what happened. Dr. Simpson has been doing cosmetic dentistry for 35 years and is proud of the beautiful results that patients have achieved.

We recognize that your health is affected by your teeth and gums and we will work with you to reduce the possiblity of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other diseases that sick gums can complicate. Our hygienists are gentle but thorough and you’ll enjoy seeing them for regular cleanings.

So, welcome to Simpson Family Dentistry and thank you for visiting us. Our website is designed to make it easy for you to find answers to your questions, become acquainted with the Dr. and staff and see why you should be coming here for your dental care. We appreciate and respect the trust that you place in us when you become a patient here. We hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to ask questions or make comments. We appreciate hearing from you.

Professional Memberships

Spear Continuing Education

Spear is the leading provider of dental continuing education for clinical expertise and practice growth. Their integrated ecosystem of learning is developed by some of the most respected minds in dentistry. Dr. Brent Simpson has been active in Spear Continuing Education and a local Spear Study Club for 3 years.